Who Really Has The Highest Vertical Jump In The World?

Highest Vertical Jump In The WorldSeveral athletes are able to jump as high as 50 inches in the air! Whether it is an NBA player or an NFL player, each athlete trains to achieve the highest vertical jump in the world.

It could be challenging to determine the exact height of the highest vertical jump. Vertical height is classified into three categories, and each player typically jumps in only one category.

These three categories are standing vertical, running vertical, and a platform jump. The range of the vertical jumps varies significantly for both NBA players and NFL players.

We Separated The Highest Vertical Jumps Into Their Appropriate Categories

Highest Vertical Jump Guinness Book Of World Records Holder

Evan UngarEvan Ungar

Vertical Jump Height: 63.5″

Record Set: May 13, 2016

Country: Canada

Born and raised in Canada, Evan Ungar set the record for the highest vertical jump in the world on May 13, 2016. With the Guinness book of world records present, he vertically jumped at an impressive height of 63.5 inches!

Why NFL players vertically jump higher than NBA players

NFL and NBA are two different types of sports, and the rules of each sport differ significantly from each other. Naturally, the highest jump in NBA will be much different than the highest vertical jump in the NFL. Playing basketball requires players to jump and move their hands in a unique way. Plus NFL players train to jump 8 inches higher than NBA players, and the following reasons below will explain why:

Basketball Players Don’t Necessarily Need To Jump

Basketball players don’t need to jump to score a basket since they could also do layups. If an NBA player executes a 33-34 standing vertical jump technique, they can easily score. Plus NBA players tend to jump higher without much effort because they get a running start.

Football Players Are More Explosive

Football Player Vertical JumpIn addition, football players train gain explosiveness in the field because of the amount of time they play. Basketball players play much longer than football players and thus lose their explosiveness. Each quarter lasts 12 minutes, so they need to train to maintain endurance in their games.

On the contrary, a football game has many timeouts and each play typically only lasts a few minutes. It enables them to recover and play the game with explosive force. This explosiveness allows them to run 20-40 yards before making a vertical jump.

Highest Standing Vertical Jump

It is without question that basketball players train very hard, they train to jump at different heights vertically. Each basketball player focuses on exhibiting an ideal vertical jump to reach his desired goal.

The following NFL player and NBA players have scored the highest jump world record in their respective careers.

Bryon Jones

Byron JonesBryon Jones is one of the notable NFL players, and he has exuded a high standing vertical jump in NFL of 44.5”.

He is commonly classified as American football free safety for the Dallas Cowboys on behalf of the National Football League.

He has followed football as his passion since his college days, and he successfully took his passion to a professional level.

Bryon was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the 2015 NFL draft. He holds a record for a standing vertical jump at 12 feet and 3 inches.

Michael Jordan

Michael JordanWho doesn’t know the name Michael Jordan? He is indisputably one of the most legendary NBA players ever! and he has shown his abilities by scoring a standing vertical jump of 46”.

Michael Jordan has won numerous NBA championships, several MVP titles, and Slam Dunk competitions.

He is the highly awarded dunker of this generation and a player with the highest vertical jump in the NBA.

Running Vertical Jump

A running vertical jump is commonly used during a football or basketball game. It includes an intense run-up to boost the player up in the sky.

Taking consistent run-ups warms up the body of the player, which allows him to reenergize his next jump in the field or court. An NBA or NFL player is required to practice their running jump technique consistently before they take a leap to score.

After doing a quick scan through the NBA historical stats, the outcome revealed that a player’s standard running vertical jump lies in between 4” to 9” higher as compared to their standard vertical jump. Few of the finest and most-trained NBA players have scored a standing vertical of 44-46”, and the addition of the running vertical jump can help them score a jump of 50-52”. We recommend you practice a running vertical jump with our choice for best outdoor basketball.

The following basketball player has set a record for the highest vertical jump in the NBA.

Kenny Gregory

Kenny GregoryWilliam Kendrick Gregory is an outstanding NBA player, his vertical jump record is  44.5″. His jump is the highest vertical jump in the NBA of all time! He plays as the small forward and shooting guards in games.

He has also scored extraordinary scores at the pre-draft camp conducted by the NBA in the year 2001, and he set a record for the highest no-step vertical jump at 40”, and a maximum vertical draft at 46”.

Platform Vertical Jump:

In a platform vertical jump, a player is able to jump at an impressive height of 60”, and Justin Bethel has scored the title for hitting the highest vertical jump in the NFL at 60 inches. The record was set in the year 2012, and it inspired several NFL players to set another record at a similar height.

A vertical platform jump required the football player to jump on a platform from a standing position assigned to him. The goal of a vertical platform jump excludes reaching your hands high in the air to the maximum but, it includes a maximum distance between the surface of the ground and the feet of a player.

Justin BethelJustin Bethel

Justin Andrew Bethel is an American football cornerback and player for the Atlanta Falcons drafted by National Football League (NFL). Arizona Cardinals drafted Justin for the sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. He obtained recognition for jumping an insane vertical in the NFL.

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