Top 10 Individual Basketball Shooting Drills

Individual Basketball Shooting DrillsWhen playing in a basketball game, it is really important to practice your shooting skills in order to become a better player. Individual basketball shooting drills help players master the game from different positions on the court.

When preparing for shooting drills, players must concentrate on the accuracy and quality of their shot. Also, they should focus on maintaining a balance between their stamina and amount of time on the court.

Most professional basketball players practice individual shooting drills almost daily, so it’s critical that you add them to your workouts.

Without further ado here are the drills:

Around The World

Around the world is a drill that many people start playing when they’re young and still find it fun after they get older. The premise is to practice shooting baskets from various areas around the court. The great thing about this drill is that it makes you practice from parts of the court that may be difficult. You have two chances to make the shot from your location on the court but you’ll have to start the game over if you miss the second shot. This is all about shooting and perfecting your shots from anywhere.

Mikan Drill

Another great drill with only one player is the Mikan Drill. This drill carries the name of a famous Hall of Famer and requires you to shoot as many layups as possible in half a minute. The game asks you to do this with both right and left-handed layups. This is an excellent way to practice layups and to have fun with a solo basketball game at the same time.

Five in a Row

This is another basketball game that only requires one person to play it. The game requires you to begin six feet from the goal and then to make five shots from that position. You must make five shots before you can take one step backward and advance to the next level. The great thing about this game is that it gives you the chance to perfect your shots from various spots around the goal. This is one of the foundations of being a good basketball player.

Beat the Pro

This individual basketball drill requires you to pretend that you’re playing against a professional player. The rules dictate that you try different types of shots and you get one point for each basket. The drill also gives three points to the “other player” each time you miss. This game is different because it requires you to be competitive although the person you are playing against is imaginary.

Quick Shot

A quick shot shooting drill starts at the foul line and then requires the basketball player to make a jump shot. Once they make their shot, they chase it and try to score with a left-handed layup. Plus the player needs to shoot a self-pass which leads them to the foul line. From that position, they can take more shots. They can practice the quick shot drills for approximately 10 minutes, and have someone record their shots.

Box Drill

When practicing the box drill, the player usually starts the game in a blocking position and shifts the ball to their elbow. Then, they grab the ball with a jump stop & pivot before scoring a basket. The player moves to both sides of the court in order to simulate a real basketball game.

X-Out Drill:

When it comes to all of the individual basketball shooting drills on this site, the X-Out drill is specifically designed to enhance your shooting skills during the game. This enhances your quickness, eye-hand coordination, timing, and balance when playing the game. You start the drill with the ball in your dominant hand. With a single dribble, surround the basket before shooting a layup. Next, you can catch the rebound from the hoop, and add 2 dribbles to either side of your dominant hand. Then, you can practice the direction of the pivot that faces the sideline, which reverts the ball to your non-dominant hand, and increases your stamina to score a ball. The goal of the x-out drill is to produce 6 layups within a time span of 30 seconds.


When practicing the consecutive shooting drill, the player is given a chance to pick 7 spots on the perimeter of the floor. They start shooting at the first spot and continue trying to score until inadvertently missing a shot. After a certain amount of shots made (typically 4- 5), the player moves to the next spot. A person is typically assigned to record their total number of shots made from every 7 spots consecutively.

One of the top professional basketball players has attributed the consecutive drill to their success on jumping the highest vertical jump in the world.

GOLF (Best Shooting Drill For Guards)

GOLF is one of the best shooting drills for guards, and it requires the player to choose 9 different spots on the court. The first shot is geared towards a jumper and a spin pass. If the shot is missed, it should be retaken and shot from the same spot until scored. Keep track of the shots made and repeat the steps until you made shots from all 9 spots.

2 Minute Drills:

In a 2-minute drill, a player starts taking shots at the 3 point line and stops after two minutes. The timer on the clock starts on the first basket, and after that, a player can score 2 shots in a row from the exact spot. Then, they move along the arc continuing to make shots until the timer runs out. The goal of this drill is to make as many shots as possible within 2 minutes and break and records previously set.

There are many reasons why you should play basketball games that are one player. One reason is the fact that many of those games help provide the foundations needed to become a great basketball player. Another reason is that it allows you to enjoy basketball without being forced to be competitive.

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